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tvROC() tvAUC() calibration_plot() calibration_metrics() tvBrier() tvEPCE() create_folds()

Time-Dependent Predictive Accuracy Measures for Joint Models


Didanosine versus Zalcitabine in HIV Patients

traceplot() ggtraceplot() gelman_diag() densplot() ggdensityplot() cumuplot()

Various Methods for Functions from the coda Package


Transform Competing Risks Data in Long Format

jm() value() coefs() slope() velocity() acceleration() area() vexpit() Dexpit() vexp() Dexp() vabs() vlog() vlog2() vlog10() vsqrt() poly2() poly3() poly4() tv()

Joint Models for Longitudinal and Time-to-Event Data

JMbayes2-package JMbayes2

Extended Joint Models for Longitudinal and Time-to-Event Data

coef() fixef() ranef() terms() model.frame() model.matrix() family() compare_jm()

Various Methods for Standard Generics


Mayo Clinic Primary Biliary Cirrhosis Data

predict(<jm>) plot(<predict_jm>) predict(<jmList>)

Predictions from Joint Models

prothro prothros

Prednisone versus Placebo in Liver Cirrhosis Patients


Combine Recurring and Terminal Event Data in Long Format