All functions

cr_setup() cr_marg_probs()

Functions to Set-Up Data for a Continuation Ratio Mixed Model


Predicted Values for Effects Plots

students.t() beta.fam() zi.poisson() zi.binomial() zi.negative.binomial() hurdle.poisson() hurdle.negative.binomial() hurdle.lognormal() hurdle.beta.fam() unit.lindley() beta.binomial() Gamma.fam() censored.normal()

Family functions for Student's-t, Beta, Zero-Inflated and Hurdle Poisson and Negative Binomial, Hurdle Log-Normal, Hurdle Beta, Gamma, and Censored Normal Mixed Models

GLMMadaptive-package GLMMadaptive

Generalized Linear Mixed Models using Adaptive Gaussian Quadrature


Marginal Coefficients from Generalized Linear Mixed Models

coef() fixef() ranef() confint() anova() fitted() residuals() predict() simulate() terms() formula() model.frame() model.matrix() nobs() VIF() cooks.distance()

Various Methods for Standard Generics


Generalized Linear Mixed Effects Models


Family function for Negative Binomial Mixed Models


Proper Scoring Rules for Categorical Data